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dear readers, to my games and lyrics blog. What awaits you here? On the one hand I want to present different games and different genres. I would like to introduce new and old games to you. From Gameboy to PC games, I present different genres of different consoles. “That already exists!”, Says the intelligent gamer. In this area, I would like to stand out with an addition. Whether in the footsteps of the monster-conquering Witcher or the insane puzzles of Monkey Island and Runaway, I’m also a “scribbler.”

How does it fit together? I present you not only games, but also poems that I wrote myself, which were inspired by games. Meanwhile, cutscenes and stories of games have become so outstanding that they often encourage me to write. For this I will link to my youtube channel, where I regularly publish poems and stories. If you do not get enough of it, feel free to drop by on my writing blog. There I look at the theory of writing, from a writer’s point of view, as well as literary and linguistic perspectives.

Have fun while reading!

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