Ultimate Pirates

Ultimate Pirates

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Ultimate Pirates is an MMO game with strategy and tactics, thrilling naval battles and pirates. You plunder and burn to get the gold of the defeated.

Ultimate Pirates

The pirates are here! As an online strategy game with RPG elements, it invites to real-time PvP battles. The game has its own combat mechanics. The opponent’s next move must be seen in advance to plan the appropriate backlash. Different situations require different reactions. These are selected during the game.

Battle at Sea

Strategy and tactics are all about real-time battles. In the game, you and your allies send your fleet into battle and catch pirate ships. From the defeated you collect gold and weapons. Not only other players are your opponents, but also sea monsters and other enemies.

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Die RPG elements

In order to prepare you for the fighting, you improve your ships, which gain in battle experience and strength. Different weapons are available for combat. Each ship has its own inventory.

The Developer

Ultimate Pirates is a joint project of Moonmana and Grafit. Moonmane is already an experienced game developer in the field of MMO games. Grafit is a team of digital artists who have been developing graphics for more than 10 years. The game is planned for Android, IOS, Windows, PS4 and Xbox.

Ultimate Pirates Screenshot2


At first glance, it is a classic game for the touch screen. The graphic is and and is a bit reminiscent of an older Anno. How varied and entertaining this game will be will become apparent over time. Right now I do not have that much to say. The first impression makes at least curious.

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