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Thea: The Awakening


The development studio MuHa-Games presents itself with the round-based card strategy game Thea: The Awakening.

Thea: The Awakening

After 100 years of darkness, hope awakens and the first rays of the sun intersect through a dark shroud. Mankind is scattered and there are only a few survivors who are gradually coming out of their hiding places seeking new hope. People are not the only ones who want to survive. Other creatures of mystical nature lurk in the shadows and want to assert their place. Your goal is to lead your people into the light.

There are no heroes, no monster hunters, and no big armies to drive the dark creatures out of Thea. You are the only hope of some of the starving survivors desperately trying to stay alive. In the game, you assume the role of a god who is the patron saint of a small group of survivors. You have to guide them through the risks and dangers of the country. Your ability and judgment determine if you can save your people.

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There are 5 key elements in the game: village administration, crafting, resource gathering, card minigames, story events, and reconnaissance. You decide how to use your resources and use your people’s workforce efficiently. If you use too many men to build a new home, you may not be looking for resources. Is your village in the case still secured? In the game there is a day and night turn. At night, your village needs to cope with many encounters and events, such as the attacks of hungry scavengers or a mystical plague that unleashes the night’s horrors.


There are several events that offer different results or dialog options. So you have to decide. You have to pass struggles, social encounters, physical challenges and illnesses. Your people will become your deck of cards in several small tactical mini-games. You have to choose your group carefully. Discover various strange creatures in the shadows. An abundance of creatures, animals and humans will meet you. They attack your fortress and your village. They want to treasure, kill or they are just hungry or desperate. Not all encounters have to be solved in combat.

The Map

The cards are created randomly. With every game, a whole new world awaits you. Forgotten ruins, deserted forests, low marshes or dangerous mountains await you, which are also found in legends and harboring different beings.


You have a survival game in a fantasy environment, as a 6-cornered, turn-based strategy game. An extensive world is inspired by the Slavic with mythology and houses over 90 creatures in Thea. Over 200 non-linear dynamic events give you the opportunity to acquire wealth and fame. The cards mini-games require fighting, but also diplomacy. There are 50 different resources in the world and over 4400 items that you can collect, harvest and build. Depending on the game selection, the story may have different ends. Rewards and unlocked extras vary and encourage the game’s antagonisms. You can play one of 8 Slavic gods the respective bonuses and decide on the fate of the world. Every creature you meet has its own abilities and values. The gameplay is additionally influenced by day and night.



The world presents itself as a hex map, on which you move your pawns. The game is turn-based. In each turn, your hero has only a certain number of steps available for his turn. The figures of the computer are monsters and others. Around the village, you explore the area and gather resources so you can expand your village. As a rule, opponents can be recognized by skulls, which should be avoided as much as possible when falling into the hands of superior enemies. Died heroes disappear.


The story is told through quests. During these tasks, you will discover new places and new creatures. Between them there are random events. Not everyone who meets you, is an enemy. You have different dialogue options in your conversations. The fights are always completed in the form of a card game. You can also flee if an opponent is too strong. Your victory depends on the character level, abilities, items and group members. There are tactical maps that you have to choose at the right time. When you hit your card, the game enters Stage 2 and you see the results of your card selection. If you still have cards on the table, you can choose a new one. Playing tactical matches with the cards can be demanding and difficult. If you run away, you run the risk of being wounded and your heroes lose life each round. You will receive rewards from defeated enemies. Fight animations do not exist in the kind, but only representations in the form of sketches.


Thea: The Awakening is an interesting mix of genres. Graphically, it is nice, but the combat animations are missing and are therefore not outstanding. The game is very complex, which is not necessarily beginner friendly. There are many tutorials that you can use, but you need to spend a lot of time on the game. For what the game offers, it’s superbly designed entertaining and sophisticated. Those who have an affinity for turn-based strategy games and trading card games should definitely take a look.

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