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A Road Adventure
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Runaway – A Road Adventure

The New York student Brian Basco hit a pretty young woman on his way to Berkeley. The beautiful Gina Timmins involves him into a lot of trouble and a big adventure. Can they manage to escape the mafiosi which are hunting them.

Runaway – A Road Adventure is an adventurous point & click adventure of Spanish Pendulo Studios. In the classic game are giving Brian and Gina the prelude to an entertaining trilogy. The first part, Runaway – A Road Adventure was released in 2002 and is played with keyboard & mouse. The language editions are German, English and French. Runaway released two sequels. The second part is Runaway 2 – The Dream of the Turtle, which was released in 2006. The third part is Runaway – A Twist of Fate which was released in 2009.


The game Runaway: A Road Adventure starts as a flashback. Brian Basco is a New York student and the hero of this story. He tells of crazy events. He’s actually on his way to Berkeley to begin his studies. Shortly before his departure, he wants to hand in a book in the library, as the lovely Gina runs him in front of the bonnet in the evening. This is the beginning of a lot of trouble for the lady with pout and bust. He takes her to the hospital and is drawn into an adventurous story by her. Gina tells him that she’s a singer in a nightclub. She had to watch her father being murdered in the back room during an interrogation. He has bequeathed her an antique cross which is searched by two mafiosi called Sandretti brothers. She narrowly escaped and ran Brian in front of the car. No wonder the gentlemen want to get the witness out of the way as quickly as possible. Pursued by Mafiosi, Brian expects an encounter with aliens and eccentric transvestites.

Play principle

The characters of Runaway: A Road Adventure are sprites and act in front of hand-drawn scenes. Brian or Gina are moved between different locations with the mouse. With the mouse you initiate actions of your character, so that he can interact with the environment. He finds objects, uses them with the environment or combines them with other objects. For the advancement uses the history develops multiple choice dialogues. Through these you communicate with the other characters in the game to collect information and hints. If the story continues, new locations will be unlocked.

Graphics and Sounds

Runaway: A Road Adventure presents remarkably good 2D graphics. For the representation of the figures is used the cel shading technique. Around 100 drawn backgrounds and up to 30 bizarre strange characters meet Brian and Gina. The figures are soft and the light and shadow effects in real time. You examine the individual locations from a lateral perspective. The puzzles lead through a museum, an old mine, an ancient Indian sanctuary and a dusty desert. The landscapes are atmospheric and beautiful in their design. A first-class synchronization captivates the player. The bizarre characters breathe different speakers life. The great music accompanies you from the beginning and creates a mood in the game. The title song of the game is Runaway by the band Liquor.

Runaway A Road Adventure 3

Quirky charakters and puzzles

In the wacky story you can find a lot of bizarre characters. The traveling transvestites with flat tires in the desert or Joshua, who seeks contact with extraterrestrials with the planet Trantor, are just a few weird figures that Brian encounters. Runaway has some tricky puzzles: Can you get in touch with extraterrestrials? What happens when you mix painkillers and alcohol? Can you crack a bank vault with a flying statue? The solutions of the riddles are not always easy, but logical. Over each chapter is a mystery to crack. The way there leads over many small linear puzzles. To pick up some items, you have to solve other puzzles first. Otherwise, the hero does not “need” her and he refuses to pick it up. Already heard dialogues you can skip with a mouse click.


In Runaway: A Road Adventure awaits the gamer the classic mouse control. At important points, the mouse pointer changes it’s appearance. You can choose from several options, such as “Speak” or “Watch”. Items can be combined in the inventory via drag & drop. You can use the keyboard to create repositories or to invoke menus to end the game.


Runaway: A road adventure offers as a modern point and click adventure and a lot of logical puzzle fun. The high quality graphics and puzzles are a challenge for every point and click player. The weird, very well-synchronized characters, in conjunction with the atmospheric music, draw the player into a rousing narrative. For those who love point and click games, “Runaway – A Road Adventure” is very interesting.

usk-12 PEGI 12

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