Dimension Drive


Jackelyn and Jack Tywood roam the multiverses with their spaceship Manticore. It fights the Ashajul race, aliens that wipe out other civilizations. Can she defeat the dangerous aliens?

Dimension Drive

The alien race of the Ashajuls once discovered a technology with which they could penetrate other universes. They committed to wiping out one civilization after another. Jack’s birthplace is also affected. Only she somehow survived and is on the vengeance campaign. With her spaceship, the Manticore, she changes dimensions and tries to drive the intruders away. The story is told in comic panels.

The spaceship flies through the different levels and your task is to shoot down the enemies that are coming towards you. The screen is divided into two and the Manticore can switch between the different dimensions. The opponents come in such a way that you will be forced to change dimensions from time to time. Due to the possibility of changing dimensions, you can avoid attacks and avoid being hit in combat, for example. Weapon upgrades are also hidden within the different levels. With them you can use more powerful weapons against your opponents. The level of difficulty is not exactly low and the graphics of the game are simply from that. However, it does not have to be complex for this game.


Dimension Drive1


Dimension Drive is an excellent shooter for the Nintendo Switch. The concept with the different realities that you can switch between makes the game very interesting. The level design is also adapted to this. However, should be prepared that this game is not easy, but brings some high levels of difficulty. Nevertheless, this game is a must for shooter fans.

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