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Blacksad – Under the Skin


Blacksad is the new project of Pendulo Studios. John Blacksad has to navigate through the crime jungle of New York City.


Blacksad is the new project of Pendulo Studios. The game is located in the early 50s. Corruption, money and fame poison the sports world. Particularly affected is the sport of boxing. The owner of a boxing club is found dead and his star boxer disappears shortly before an important fight. The detective John Blacksad is to solve this case. The game is created after a novel. YS Interactive is also involved in the development.

So far, it is known that you as a player will have a lot of freedom of choice. The release was put on the 26th September 2019. The release is planned for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac. There is already a trailer for the game:

The Collector’s Edition is to include an exclusive figure of Blacksad. There is already another trailer:

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