Uninvited cover


Uninvited started as a major improvement on the first two games in the series, as the atmosphere of being trapped in a haunted house was much better and the puzzles are actually possible at first. Unfortunately, this quickly follows the path of the previous games, not into the luck-based gameplay that was in the foreground in them, but into a [...]

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Adventure trilogy

8-Bit Adventures Anthology

In the mid-80s, ICOM Simulations developed a series of point-and-click adventure games for the Apple Macintosh under the common name MacVentures. The games have been switched to several modern home computers and video game systems. The graphical user interfaces were slightly different depending on the platform, either with the mouse or with the joystick / joypad. 8-Bit Adventures contains emulated NES ports of the first [...]

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Shadowgate cover

Shadowgate - remake

The developer and publisher Zojoi released a remake of Shadowgate for the PC in 2014. It was financed through Kickstarter and the marketing through Steam. The game was equipped with new pictures, rooms and puzzles and the four levels of difficulty were integrated. This means, for example, that the torches go out after a while. You don't have all [...]

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