Undead Horde

In Undead Horde, you are a necromancer who wants to turn the living into the dead. At the beginning) only transform a few people and the dead. With every mortal you convert, you incorporate them into your army. In the meantime, you collect experience points and gain strength. Your task: to subjugate the world and turn your arch enemies into your [...]

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Trine 2 cover

Trine 2

Trine 2 is the continuation of the predecessor of the same name. Amadeus, the magician, Pontius, the knight and Zoya the thief are back with the party. Das Trine calls the heroes and sends them out on new adventures. Oversized plants grow in the forests, talking flowers and giant snails make their home. The three heroes meet on their [...]

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The magician Amadeus, the thief Zoya and the knight Pointius touch an artifact at the same time: the Trine. The artifact is the kingdom's last resort and connects the souls of the three. Since the king's death, hordes of the undead have overrun the land. So far there is no heir to the throne and people are at the mercy of disaster. That […]

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