102 Dalmatians – Puppies to the Rescue

102 Dalmatians - Puppies to the Rescue


In 102 Dalmatians Cruella DeVil gives no peace. Again she hunts for the cute Dalmatians to use for their evil machinations.

102 Dalmatians (GBC)

In the Gameboy Color game 102 Dalmatians, Cruella DeVil hijacks the Dalmatians to use them to run a toy factory. The Dalmatians have to screw her up.

Zero or domino?

You have the choice between domino and zero point, with which you have to liberate your brothers and sisters in different levels. Both are well distinguishable. The levels with both characters are identical.

The Levels

The levels are creatively designed, colorful and dynamic. The level design has been made very innovative. The animations are exceptionally good. Your character is about platforms, moving elevators and blockades. Your character collects bones and keys to free the captured Dalmatians.

102 Dalmatiner Screenshot

The Keys

The figure can move freely in the level. However, the Dalmatians can not be freed until you have the key to their cells. If you have freed all Dalmatians in the level, the level is ended. You’ll get a password that will allow you to continue seamlessly in the subsequent level.

The opponents

Your level opponents are robots and small toys. You can paralyze them for a short time with your barking, so they stop for a moment. You can not influence some technical traps. You have to avoid them.


102 Dalmatian is entertaining and easy. It should be noted that this game is designed for children. Nevertheless, it is also great fun for adult players. Due to the simple gameplay, the game is not difficult, but entertaining and definitely gets a game recommendation.


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