Vaporum screenshot 2

Vaporum: lockdown

Vaporum: Lockdown from the Slovak developer Fatbot Games. You wake up in the Arx Vaporum tower. Machines have the steampunk world under their control. What happened to a woman And what about the substance fumium? Ellie Teller's story Ellie Teller is the wife of the protagonist in the game Vaporum. The story tells what actually [...]

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Ensemble studios

Ensemble Studios

The Ensemble Studios was a development studio that belonged to Microsoft and developed computer games. Age of Empires was the studio's biggest gaming hit. It was founded in 1995 in Dallas by Tony Goodman and Rick Goodman, Bruce Shelley and Brian Sullivan. After 2008 the development studio was closed. Originally posted 2018-01-02 17:13:00.

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Pang screenshot

Pang Adventures

Popping soap bubbles was already fun as a child. In PANG Adventures the whole thing for passion, with the aim that a little hero survives. Soap bubbles burst PANG Adventures are three arcade classics that have been reissued in cooperation with the developer Dotemu and Pastagames. The original developer was the Mitchell Corporation development studio. A small pixel character with a harpoon [...]

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